Head To Manora Hostel For A Cheap Meal If You're Chilling At Nariman Point

    Nariman Point, Mumbai


    The Manora MLA Hostel at Nariman Point is home to government employees and the hoard of people who go there to hog on delicious food for a very cheap price.

    Tell Us More

    Now, we’ve always been a fan of places that don’t coax us into avoiding checking our bank statement. This is one of them.

    The complex has a laundry, stationery and a juice centre and one of the biggest canteens we’ve ever seen in the city. While some may find the decor of the building premise to be ordinary and dull, the canteen is cheerfully lit up and has wooden partitions. You can always spot people chowing down on their thalis and that’s exactly what we did.

    Chow Down

    We decided to order the mutton thali and the chicken thali to see if they did them differently. But like all the other hostels, the gravy used was the same. Laughing that off, we dug in and despite the same gravy dig, the taste surprised us.

    Served with a portion of rice, chapati, egg curry, raita and sol kadi, the thali looked like it could easily feed two. At INR 140 for the mutton thali and INR 120 for the chicken thali, it didn’t seem like a bad deal at all. The hostel was known to serve a vegetarian thali at INR 50 in the past, but they’ve discontinued that now. A little disheartened by that, we took solace in the INR 30 caramel custard. Not the best we’ve had, but there’s only so much you can expect to get at INR 30.

    Sip On

    There’s milkshakes {starting INR 80} that can sedate you in minutes, ginger lemon {INR 50}, sol kadi and fresh juices.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’re at Nariman Point gazing at the sea and suddenly hunger hits you but your pocket says otherwise, Manora Hostel is the way to go.

      Nariman Point, Mumbai