Zero Effort: Cook A Fancy Meal At Home With These 3 DIY Kits

    In the mood for some Moroccan stew with mint couscous and don’t know where to start? Most of us, inspired by the multitude of cookery shows on TVs and even YouTube, like to experiment and cook an occasional exotic dish to please the eye (or gut).

    While the availability of recipes are a dime a dozen and replicating a MasterChef dish sounds appealing, what does one do if it ends up in a culinary catastrophe? New-age entrepreneurs have the solution – a DIY meal box with fresh ingredients and a step-by-step instruction card to help you cook the meal of your dreams. Make sure you bookmark this list of DIY meal kits for you to try! 

    Burgundy Box

    Introduced by Chef Ajay Chopra (MasterChef India fame), this gourmet delivery service helps you cook your favourite meals in a jiffy. The instruction menu lists down the process to follow, the vessels to use and even the skill level required to cook the dish ordered.

    Their meal kits are limited at the moment. They also have Meal Trays which include entire veg and non-veg meals and cost INR 140 upwards per person.

    Delivery Area: Borivali to Bandra

    Cost For Two: INR 190 upwards (depending on the kit)

    Cuisine: Indian, Oriental, Continental

    Chef’s Basket

    Chef's Basket

    Available Online

    Started by ex-IITians, Chef’s Basket has DIY meals in boxes that are available via Amazon India or through other online retailers. While you’ll have to source your own ingredients {veggies or non-veg}, you’ll get the sauces and condiments in sachets along with the dish.

    Delivery Area: Across Mumbai (online)

    Cost For Two: INR 100 approx. for a meal box that serves 2 as a snack and 1 as dinner

    Cuisine: Italian, Oriental, Moroccan


    If you're a fan of non-vegetarian food, particularly chicken, then Getfresh may have been the service you've been looking for. This brand specialises in chicken marinades that are super easy to cook and easy to prepare. Their ready-to-cook options come in a variety of cuisines - Rechado, Peppy BBQ, Fresh Thai and Chili Cheese to name a few. 

    Delivery Area: Across Mumbai (online)

    Cost For Two: INR 150 per packet of 200 gms approx

    Cuisine: Indian