This Amazing Airbnb In Shimla Offers Up To 50% Discounts To Writers, Artists & Journalists

Shalvi posted on 20 April

What Is It?

We found Meena Bagh – a breathtaking Airbnb in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and we’re in complete awe of its beauty. This spacious property is perfect for group or couple getaways, and the best part is that you can happily take your pets along.

How Do I Get There?

Well, you will have to fly down to Delhi or Chandigarh and drive down to this gorgeous property.

What's So Unique About It?

There’s nothing to not like about Meena Bagh. Thus stunning property is nestled amidst greenery and mountains and covered with a bright blue sky, which is a super rare site in our otherwise polluted city-life. There are wood-paneled and mud-plastered walls and the space is eco-friendly. It’s so beautiful and done very tastefully, and like the host Sanjay Austa says, it’s the closest you will get to stay in an authentic Himachali home. Interestingly, all the furniture in the house has been made using waste wood and the water is harvested and recycled and the house is insulated against the cold. Phew! There’s more, don’t worry.

What we love the most about Meena Bagh is that they’re super pet-friendly and encourage hosting guests who bring their furry friends along. And they’re LGBT friendly too {this is just awesome}. Interestingly, they also offer up to 50% discount on the tariff to writers, artists, journalists and anyone involved with conservation activity {we’re not even sure if this place is real}.

Anything Else?

The space is a part of Meena Bagh resorts and currently has three double occupancy bedrooms that are interconnected and open into a massive living room. They’re perfect for those who plan to go here in groups and would love to crash together. There’s a kitchen for you cook your meals too. They also have a separate, king bedroom which allows complete privacy and is ideal for couples and solo travellers. The rooms are priced at INR 5500 for two people per night, and those who fall under the writer, journalist, artist or conversationalist category will get up to 50% discount. Click here to make your booking and get in touch with the host. We highly recommend this space, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. The property is just four months old and Austa tells us that will be adding more rooms soon.