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Can't Find A Cab? Make Your NYE Party Plans Easier With This Driver Booking Service


We found a service that encourages you to party hard. Yes. It exists and your life is about to be changed. Meet Party Hard, your night out dream.

What Is It?

Hate the idea of driving back home after a party? Love your car way more than taxis? Well, we’ve found a solution. Party Hard Drivers was established in 2007 to make sure that party-goers don’t resort to drinking and driving.

They provide personal services along with chauffeur services. And should you organise a wedding or an event, they also have valet services. Planning a girls’ night out? They also take care of that. The price for a night shift is INR 850 for eight hours. So, if you’re hopping parties or going on a long drive at night, they’ve got you covered.

So, We're Saying...

Want to take on the night but can’t deal with your cab driver making a face everytime you ask him to stop somewhere? This is it, folks.

Check out their website here.