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Live Your Aladdin Fantasy & Go On A Magic Carpet Ride At This Old Store In Worli

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What Makes It Awesome

Mehra Carpets has been in the business for more than 50 years now. Started by Mr. K.K Mehra, it has come a long way since then. The not-so-humble basement-cum-store in Worli is like a Bedouin tent – lined with carpets as far as the eye can see and beautifully so. In our honest opinion, if carpet heaven were to exist, it would be this.

Mehra Carpets at any given time has at least 2,500 carpets at their store – the magnificent, the regular, the royal and the exquisite ones. On your way in, you will be greeted by a variety of carpets, all ready to please you – from the Caucasian and Kilims, to the Kashmiri silks, Bokharas and even the Kashans.

One after the other, beautiful, intricately done patterns and designs donning the carpets are presented. There’s pure silk woven carpets and then there are the woollen ones – or if you’re looking for something regular, there are the machine-made ones that are equally breathtaking.

Every carpet has a story, a weaver, and a price that the patrons feel worthy of paying. Interestingly, we’ve been told the carpet industry, like other creative industries, follows trends too.

We found some bizarre designs such as a customised alien on a carpet and even scenes from Arabian Nights. If you’re all about modern art, then they also offer 3D carpets (keeping up with trends or starting them?)

They work with skilled weavers and have a manufacturing unit in Amritsar where this magic is made. You can get customised carpets here, and depending on the detailing and the material used, it could take anywhere between two months to three years to get made. You can mix and match colours, material or completely leave it to the staff to guide you through.

One doesn’t just leave with a carpet in tow, and happiness in heart; you go back with knowledge and love for this form of art. Almost like a painting, what sets it apart is that this art makes no bones about you walking over it.


The carpets come in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs. If you’re a novice, we’re told you are in safe hands. Every carpet here is intricately made and rightfully so, they’re priced at what they deserve – a beautiful quality Persian may cost you almost INR 5,00,000. They also have stunning wall hangings.

The general shelf life of a carpet is subjective, though it can easily last for up to 50 years or more. If you’re looking to repair or restore a carpet, get it back to them and the deed will be done.