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This Indie Brand Gives A Chamomile Tea Free With Every Box Of Organic Pads

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What Makes It Awesome

As women, we almost always forget to take care of ourselves (or our menstrual hygiene) But if you're someone who's trying to make it work for yourself, or someone who wants to shift to tampons, or a different brand of organic pads, you're reading the right article. Because we're here to introduce you to Menarche, a homegrown brand that knows how important hygiene is, and does it right.

They've got ultra thin period pads in a pack of 15 and 30, that are rash free, super soft, have a natural odour neutralizer, and are toxin, paraben and chlorine free too. The best part is that the packs don't cost much like the well-known brands. Starting at INR 236, they're worth the buy. Now whether you're someone who experiences super heavy flow, or someone who has a moderate flow, Menarche has you covered with it's tampons. They're suitable for sensitive skin, are stain and leak-proof, and can last you for an entire day, depending on the flow. You have a pack of 20 and 40, at INR 254 and INR 449 respectively. Swim, dance, play, or go for a trek, these tampons have got you covered. 

What's more is that Menarche has panty liners for you too. Hormones are weird and vaginal discharges are weirder, especially when you're in the outdoors. We know how uncomfortable that feels. But with this brand's panty liners, you can throw stress out of the window and be on the go. The tri-fold panty-liners are shaped to fit the curves of your body. The pack of 30 comes for INR 161.

We love that the products are all economically priced and the quality is great (speaking with experience of owning them) And we obviously won't recommend something that we don't like. So trust us and fill up your cart. 


Menarche also supports an NGO of underprivileged females called TALEEM and donates free menstrual hygiene supplies to them.