Tried And Tested: 5 Women Tell Us Why They Prefer Using Menstrual Cups Over Everything Else

While researching for environmentally-friendly ways to manage menstruation, we came across menstrual cups, made of silicone or rubber, that can be cleaned and used for years, if taken care of properly. Intrigued, we decided to talk to five Mumbaikars who have been using them and vouch for them over everything else.

Urmi Chanda Vaz, She Cup

Urmi Chanda Vaz, a research consultant, has been using the menstrual cup for over six years now and believes that it is the best decision she’s made. She prefers it over tampons and pads because they’re so much cheaper, eco-friendly, and do not require repeated purchasing. They’re also covert, where leakage issues are little to none and are simple to maintain. She’s still using the cup she bought the first time, and knows that she will continue using this product because according to her, nothing can match up to the ease and convenience of the cup.

Brand Used: She Cup

Price: INR 1,200

Aastha Jain, iCare

Aastha Jain, a YouTuber and design student, has been using the cup since July 2016. She’d tried using pads earlier (gave her bad rashes) and even tampons (scared that she might just end up forgetting it in there) and decided to give the cup a chance. She chanced upon a menstrual cups video on YouTube and thought that it sounded magical. She did a lot of her own research after that and decided to invest in one. What she loved was that it didn’t harm the environment and is very comfortable to use. She feels that her cramps have also reduced and she’s planning to stick to it. While hunting for the cup, she came across the brand iCare on Amazon, and picked it up.

What’s very interesting is that she’s been recommending it to everyone she meets, and says that we actually won’t have to worry about pad tax (sanitary napkins are taxed, for those of you who didn’t know) and women in rural areas without access to sanitary pads, can really benefit.

Brand Used: iCare

Price: INR 1,900

Reema Prasanna, She Cup

Reema Prasanna, a digital marketing consultant, has been on the cup for four years now, and prefers this over the other options because it’s nice to forget that you’re on your period, there are no rashes or smelly pads between the legs for five straight days (well, we gotta agree to that!). Tampons are also a no-no because of reported cases of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). She doesn’t see herself using any other product in the future and firmly advocates the cup to every woman she comes across.

Brand Used: Diva Cup, She Cup

Price: INR 1,000 – INR 1,200

Ruchi Deshpande, Boondh

Ruchi Deshpande, a media professional, has used the cup for over four months now. She’d read about the cup online and its popularity in the West; about how environmentally-friendly it is and so convenient to use. On a personal level, she wanted to rid herself of the pad (leakage & having to change it every few hours) and that’s exactly what the cup helped her do. She feels that she’s in control of her period in a way, because she’s found something that suits her and she’s also gotten more environmentally conscious, and feels that a small contribution is still something when you look at the bigger picture.

Brand Used: Boondh

Price: INR 737

Meenakshi Jha, She Cup

Meenakshi Jha, an advocate, has been using the cup for over three years now, and feels that it gives her freedom from the ‘wet pad’ feeling that most of us experience. According to her, there’s no fear of a rash or foul odour (convinced already?) and no worry about its disposal because its reusable and environment-friendly. She’s decided to stick to her decision of using the cup like hot glue and has been encouraging young women to make that shift.

Brand Used: She Cup

Price: INR 1,200