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Play On: Take Part In This Furtados Music Competition To Win A New Guitar

Bhavika posted on 25 November

What Is It?

Music store Furtados has tied up with indie music website Song Dew for an online music competition, and get this: three guitars are up for grabs. A backing track with beats has been provided by one of the most popular metal musicians of India - Sahil Makhija. You have to provide your original guitar piece to be played on top of this tune, after downloading it from their website. Then, embed this on to a YouTube video and upload it.

Who Is It For?


People who love to jam, play the guitar, and would like to make it big. This isn’t necessarily a competition for those who strum professionally, but more so for the ones who really want to make music forward. Also, the music you create need not be metal at all. Just do what sounds right to you.

Why Should I Take Part?

By taking part, you, for one could be one of the top three winners and therefore, win a guitar. Others who are awesome {just not enough to win} would get musical merchandise from Furtados so that's mostly a win-win for all.

So, We’re Saying…

You've got a week to do this! Closing date is Nov 30, and if the odds are in your favour - you've got yourself a guitar there. Dayum son.

Get started on the website here.

Photos source: Epiphone