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Experience Quirky Decor & Exclusive Food At This Restaurant In Bandra

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What Makes It Awesome?

One line tagline – Michelin Mystical Masterpieces at play!

The drumrolls are beating hard, the applause is epidemic, the word-of-mouth blitz is encouragingly infectious – A Star is Born!

Kudos to Chef Yung (no he’s not a Chinese but a young Sindhi Chokra) who has created a furore with his latest venture called Cardboard. Located in the high pristine BKC Inspire enclave, this outlet manages to stay notches above the other premium fine dining outlets in the vicinity.

Besides the major USP of being one of the first ‘cardboard’ furniture outlets in India (there are a couple around the globe but none match the depth of ‘cardboard’ usage vis-à-vis this Mumbai enterprise), I would give a bow-down to the immaculate, mind-boggling and stupendously sensational creative touch to the menu. You can just notice that there’s more to the glitz and glam of an ambience (we see it in every new restaurant) but the passionate endeavour of hallmarking an unusual concept where food and service are supreme.

Chef Yung has emerged as the dark horse whose intense, gruelling passion for perfection and conjuring culinary delights (which haven’t been executed even by MasterChefs worldwide) is commendable. The intricate confluence of mixing European delights with a Southern India flavouring twist has been perfectly matched.

So get set, all the Mumbai Foodies and gourmands seeking out an unforgettable dining experience, Cardboard is must venture fine-dining zone you must feast on.

Here is the 7-course spread I sampled:

Hummus platter – Say goodbye to the versions of coloured hummus, these variations are different especially with the magical toppings that speak volumes on the power-packed sensations they cause to the palate. Simple and easy, but the twist is commendable. Loved the ‘moong’ humus.

Pumpkin soup – This diverse blended soup of pumpkin, carrot, potato n more is absolute bliss. The lacklustre pumpkin gets a bright, fresh flavour twist. We tried it with chunks of chicken, which made it more exciting and slurpy.

Nanoo salad – Flavoursome crunchy pomegranates add that ballistic effect to this leafy pineapple salad. Loaded with fresh herbs, you will love the sweet and tangy dressing which makes you yearn to have more than one portion.

Blazin prawn – A masterpiece delight. The South Indian masala touch oozing the spices will make you groove when the blitzkrieg hits your taste buds. Aim for this one for sure.

Hardcore jalebi – An unimaginable feat of juxtaposing a sweet jalebi with culled pork - another masterpiece on a plate. The crunchy, perfectly low on the sweet flavoured jalebi is a pick-up, scoop and relish creation.

What a hip – The crusted orange jalapeno drizzle on this crusted Poha n more dish is a killer. The fine tinge of grated Coco adds a different dimension to an otherwise bland creation.

Butter chicken – Without losing out on the authenticity of your favourite Delli-style butter chicken, you will surely go beetroot red with the taste.

Tunes – Udon noodles with a never-tried-before Southern curry, with a tinge of mango flavour is an unusual combo. Without divulging the curry details, would prefer you try it and feel the sensational twist to a noodle dish.


What a goof – Prefer to opt for this one rather than biscuit creation which has been earlier reviewed. The glaze of curry leaves is so subtle yet memorable. An apple cake, rightly moistened is a delish treat for sure.


Good night John boy – A pineapple and kiwi based cocktail that is a wake-me-up-before-you-gogo drink that spikes you up with its natural ingredients. You will surely notice the authenticity in this cocktail compared to the others you have sampled before.

It’s been such an ordeal penning down this review, I wish you a mouth-watering experience on your visit to Cardboard. Am surely going back soon!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae