Ten-Second Takeaway

If you want an affordable, trusted fitness studio that gives you more than just a gym, look no further than Mickey Mehta’s 360 Wellness Temple.

Do It All

Mickey Mehta has centres in almost every nook and corner in Mumbai {no exaggeration}. As it goes in the name, Mickey Mehta’s is not just a gym, but a holistic wellness centre where the focus is on a balanced lifestyle not just excessive working out methods.


There is an in-house nutritionist who checks you at the start of your session and prescribes a diet chart for you according to your current weight and desired goal. Besides a gym, they take yoga classes {traditional and power yoga} and aerobics too. Their plans are for a combined workout so you can pick and choose which classes to take in a week.

You may book a free trial to check the place out or even pay per session if long-term commitment freaks you out.

We attended a few of their classes, and even went for a Bollywood workout class. What impresses us the most that we booked a class at 8pm, and turned out to be the only people in attendance {it being the Christmas weekend might have had something to do with it}. The instructor still had the class, and conducted with as much professionalism and interest as you would expect from a teacher with a full class.

A single class is for INR 350 and a month’s charge is INR 5500, but you can find good deals up to 50 per cent off on website such as Fitternity.

So, We’re Saying…

Enroll yourself for a class of your choice. More details can be found here.

Photos source: Mickey Mehta 360 Degrees Wellness Temple