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Food, Shopping & Affordable Drinks: A Newbie's Guide To The Mills In Lower Parel


    New in Mumbai or in particular, Lower Parel? You might have heard snatches of conversation such as ‘let’s go to the mill’, and been quite confused at this idea of a fun activity. Here is an insider’s guide to all the mills in Lower Parel, so that you know the best of each.

    High Street Phoenix

    If there’s one place that most paths and plans seem to lead to, it’s High Street Phoenix. It houses the upscale Palladium Mall {with your more high-end brands such Burberry, Zara, Coach, Louis Vuitton and on the top floor, Muji}. Along with that is the Sky Zone mall with a PVR, Jamie’s Pizzeria, Croma and other stores.

    Grand Galleria is the mall with Dessange parlour, Cream Centre, Lifestyle and Shizusan. In the main square, you’ll find a huge two-storey H&M store, Smoke House Deli and an open space where many events take place.

    Winning For: the existence of a McD right next to a Louis Vuitton store, the PVR Cinemas, TYGR & many other restaurants.

    Todi Mills

    Todi Mill Social

    Lower Parel, Mumbai

    Even if you’re new to the ‘hood, you must have heard the name Todi Mill Social dropped around you a few times. Just along the same stretch as High Street Phoenix, Todi Mills {orMathuradas Mills} has bars and cafes that people working and living around Lower Parel head to. Whether it’s Cafe Zoe, Sweetish House Mafia, Toit and more.

    It doesn’t hurt that there are office complexes such as Awfis and OML right within the compound, does it?

    Winning For: Todi Mill Social, Cafe Zoe, Entertainment Store

    Kamala Mills

    Kamala Mills is the party person of all the mills, and if nothing else, you will never be bored there. It started off with a few classics, Bar Stock Exchange for when you need a place where you can bargain with your alcohol and The Bombay Canteen for its contemporary approach to Indian food.

    Since then, it’s seen its ups and downs, and has seen a lot of trendy places open up, Farzi Cafe from Delhi, London Taxi, 1Above, among others.

    Winning For: Smaaash!, The Bombay Canteen, Koko’s

    Raghuvanshi Mills

    Good Earth

    Available Online

    A fan of home decor? Raghuvanshi Mills is just the place for you. The whole compound is full of high-end design and furniture stores to check out such as Address Home, Good Earth, Fennel among others. Amidst all this, there’s also a couple of lovely restaurants to check out.

    Winning For: Good Earth store {and cafe called The Tasting Room} and Gymkhana 91.

    Laxmi Mills

    This mill has over the years seen quite a few interesting places open up that makes us want to visit, like this amazing space called G5A Contemporary Culture Centre, where performances and gigs are often held. We recently attended a sit-down concert there, and loved the intimacy of the space. Right outside, is Port Cafe, where you can get a delicious cup of coffee and bun maska and a plate of pasta. {psst, if they let you, try and get a seat in the rooftop bar}. If you're a coffee enthusiast, then Blue Tokai is a great place to savour artisan and small-batch coffees roasted to perfection and for serious foodies, Masque offers a fine dining experience that's on par with international restaurants from around the world.

    Winning For: Port Cafe, Masque, and Blue Tokai