You Can Have More Than 30 Kinds Of Momos At This Amazing Joint In Powai

Mind Your Dimsums

Powai, Mumbai


As the name suggests Mind Your Dimsums {part of Lake Cafe} in Powai serves up a huge variety of momos and dimsums at their location, which is right beside Powai Lake.

Chow Down

They have around 34 options for momos and dimsums, which include your typical steamed and fried options, as well as some which go beyond this. With plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, no one will go back unhappy from this eatery.

They also have a ‘crazy’ section in their menu which includes selections such as cheesy chicken momos in devil’s sauce, and chicken dragon noodles with red cooked momos, for those who are a little more experimental with their dumplings.

This place also changes its menu quite frequently, so watch out for new additions as well.

Sip On

They serve water and some cold drinks.

Anything Else?

Mostly patrons opt for deliveries since it doesn’t have much seating space, but me and my wife had there as we were looking out for piping hot momos then and there. Visit them in the evening, and after having sumptuous momos have a walk near the Powai lake.

Mind Your Dimsums

Powai, Mumbai