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Delicious Sandwiches, Popsicles & Tasty Shakes Makes Smiley Pops An Instant Hit

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Smiley Pops is a cute, compact dessert parlour located near Citi Mall in Andheri West that offers sandwiches, popsicles, ice creams & beverages. They have an amazing variety of popsicles on display that would get you drooling straight away. Quite mind bobbing really.

    Smiley Pops might look small from the outside but offers an adequate indoor & outdoor seating area for a dessert parlour.

    USP - Display Counter, Popsicle varieties, Good quality & great hygiene standards.

    Their Drool worthy Display Counter which is filled with various lip-smacking popsicles in different shapes, sizes & flavours that is impossible to resist. The Menu Board offers a variety of Snacksicles, Sandwiches, Popsicles & Beverages which is segregated

    Our Detailed Order
    You can choose from classic, special, premium & extra premium.
    * Raspberry
    * Strawberry
    * Belgium Milk Chocolate
    Extra Premium
    * Belgian Dark Chocolate
    * Hot Chocolate ( New flavour )

    * Asian Spice
    * Hello Vello

    * Caliphony
    * Go Greekey

    * Green Apple

    Ice Tea
    * Peach Flavour

    * Oreo Vanilla
    * Strawberry

    In terms of food preparation, it takes about 15-20 mins for your snacksicles & sandwiches to arrive which are served hot & tastes delicious. In terms of beverages & Popsicles, they are amazing. Love the uniqueness, flavour options & quality is top notch.

    Smiley Pops will surely bring a smile on your face with their cute interiors & delicious popsicles which is a paradise for dessert & popsicle lovers.

    What Could Be Better?

    Portion size is less for the price they charge IMO.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.
      Andheri West, Mumbai