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Small But Mighty: Best Mini Vacuum Cleaners For Your Workdesk


    Ah, let's face it. We've all had the occasional meal near our workdesk (guilty!). Sadly, this leads to a lot of crumbs and unwanted food particles that we could essentially miss cleaning. Enter the mini vacuum - a portable device that vrooms and zooms across your keyboard, desk and those hard-to-reach spaces to make it look as good as new. Well, almost. Let your messy desk be a thing of the past. Invest in a mini vacuum cleaner to keep it free from dust and pet hair as well!

    We'll save you the trouble to find one by listing some of our favourites here: 

    Proffisy Mini Desktop Sweeper

    Proffisy Mini Desktop Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner

    Keep your workplace looking spick and span with this small but powerful cleaner that is perfect for cars, home or even the office and can remove pet hair, makeup powder, crumbs or paper scraps as well. It has a nylon brush for secondary cleaning and it's easy to carry, too! It has two colour variants as well. 

    Powered By: 2 AA Batteries

    Price: INR 1,999

    Psst: There's a discount on this particular model that's available for INR 859 currently.

    Turnwin Portable Ladybird Mini Desktop Vacuum

    Turnwin Portable Ladybug Mini Vacuum

    This cute design is perfect for those who want a bit of design along with function. The best part? This works super well for kids as well, if you want them to start helping our early! It has a simple operation manual and is easy to use.

    Powered By: 2 AA batteries

    Price: INR 641

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    Vyas Crumbly Mini Vacuum Desk

    VYAS Crumby Mini Vacuum Desk

    Now, this particular variant has a brush at the silicone brush at the bottom and the entire device is made of steel. It's said to clean up little messes quickly and easily. An investment worth the splurge? We certainly think so!

    Price: INR 999 

    Psst: There's a discount on this product, where you can get it for a mere INR 450 currently.

    Ruily Low Noise Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

    RUilY Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

    This cleaner can be used for both wet and dry surfaces. It's lightweight, portable and has a cyclone suction for home pet hair, paper scraps, water and more. 

     Powered By: It's portable with a charger

    Price: INR 4,399

    Psst: If you're sold and want to make a purchase right now, it's way cheaper! It'll only cost you INR 2,399. 

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    Kadeau Portable Mini Desktop Sweeper

    Kadeau Portable Desktop Sweeper

    Firstly, it looks like one of those room vacuums that are circular, except that it's mini in size. This multi-functional cleaner is perfect for removing dust, pet hair and so much more. It's a USB gadget too.

    Powered By: 2 AA Batteries

    Price: INR 1,999

    Psst: There's a discount currently, where you can get it for just INR 799.

    Print Bharat Mini Vacuum Cleaner

    PRINT BHARAT Mini Vacuum Cleaner

    This portable and convenient product is easy to take apart, clean and put back together. It's also heat resistant. One of the plus points is that it can get rid of dirt and dust in narrow spaces and even hard-to-reach corners. It's cordless, so there's no worry about having a tangled mess later!

    Powered By: 4 AA Batteries

    Price: INR 1,599

    Psst: It's available for much less since there's a discount on it now. You can pick it up for INR 895!

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