Powai's Mirchi And Mime Is Opening A Gastro-Pub In The Same Building

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Our favourite Powai eatery, Mirchi and Mime, which is staffed entirely by hearing and speech-impaired people, is now opening a gastro-pub in the same building, Madeira and Mime, which will follow the same philosophy.

Chow Down

Madeira and Mime, which is slated to open towards the end of this week, will be a gastro pub where the staff is speech and hearing impaired, just like Mirchi and Mime. According to the owner, he thought that a speech and hearing-impaired staff would find the ruckus of a gastro-pub no problem at all, and customers won’t have to yell to be heard above the din either.

The menu will focus on comfort food. You can expect dishes such as ramen, pasta, rolls, pizza, street food from Bangkok and sandwiches from Soho. For a complete meal, the restaurant offers an interesting modernist rice plate selection and the good ole Sunday Roast.

Sip On

In addition to the regular fare of spirits, beers {including craft beers} and wine, Madeira and Mime will offer a variety of cocktails, cocktail-shots and mocktails for the teetotalers. The menu will also include a selection of over 20 alcoholic shots.

So, We're Thinking...

We’ve always loved this restaurant, not only for its food but for its amazing support and effort towards educating people about sign language. Besides that, what’s not to love about a new gastro-pub?