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House Party Fixes: We Tried Home-Delivered Cocktail Mixes

Bhavika posted on 15 July

Mumbai restaurant Light House Café is selling the recipe for a great house party on a budget with mini packets of DIY cocktail mixes, and we decided to make ourselves the guinea pigs for your sake. #sacrifice

You Spin My Head Right Round

Don’t we all know what’s it’s like when after a rather grueling day, we want to treat ourselves with a glass of sangria while curling up with a book in bed, but don’t want to chop up the fruits? Or when a bunch of friends suddenly decide that it’s at our house that the party is happening tonight, though we’re in no mood to play willing bartender?

For times like those, these cocktail mixes seem like a good idea. Intrigued and always ready to experiment, the LBB crew ordered a few to see what they’re really like.

Pop, Fizz, Clink

We logged on to their website, and picked our favourite cocktails – daiquiri, sangria and mojito, plus a little something new – herbed beer {they had over 12 choices to mull over}. While our order was on the way, we did our bit. We got ready the one thing we had to, our pal, Al{cohol}.

Delivery arrived in close to 50 minutes, and we really liked what we saw. The mixes came cold, packed in big, attractive, golden plastic bags and after saying “ooh! shiny” we continued with the excitement. On opening, each packet had the necessary ingredients for a cocktail – a liquid mix, and if required for a particular recipe, other ingredients too. In the case of the mojito, we were given the mojito mix, sliced lemon and a mini pouch of mint. The herbed beer included a blended mix of apple, ginger and cinnamon.

All we had to do was pour the liquid into a glass, top it off with some alcohol, and in the case of the mojito and daiquiri, add some soda.

The Verdict

It’s hard to break it to you but we’re considering never waiting at a bar again waiting for a bartender to give us our overpriced cocktail: the mixes tasted fantastic.

All the cocktails tasted just as they should – like a party in a glass. More than anything, the herbed beer came as a surprise and emerged the winner of the four drinks. The ginger made all the difference. Also, at the price and convenience {and the cute packaging} they come at, we are {shamelessly} thinking of making this part of workday rituals.

Order it online here and find out more here.

Price: Between INR 60 and INR 99


Keep your ice, soda and alcohol ready for minimum wait time before the fun begins. Also, a mix is for one glass only. After one drink, you might think to use the leftover mix, if any, for a second round, but trust us when we say this, that’s a bad idea.

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