Have You Tried The Authentic Momos And Thupka At This Tiny Eatery In Malad?

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What Makes It Awesome

Firstly, everything from the taste of the food to the service at New Sernyaa are amazing. Every time you visit the eatery, you get what you have come here for {there's no room for disappointment}. I recommend satiating your taste buds with the steamy momos that are served with their specially prepared sauces {try all varieties}. Do taste the pot rice and even the crispy bread rolls {these are a must}.

What Could Be Better?

We wish there was more space here.

What's My Pro Tip?

Parking can be an issue here, so I'd recommend taking a cab or an auto.

Anything Else?

The owner has many suggestions, all of which have always turned out to be really amazing recommendations. So when you do go here, interact with him, take his suggestions and I promise you will have a great time.