Most Scenic Routes In Maharashtra For Those Long Drives This Monsoon

    If your road trips are all about wind in your hair, peeking out the window to admire the greenery and good music, we are gifting you this list. This one’s for those who like the journey more than the destination. Hop in! 

    Varandha Ghat

    A mountain passage situated on the crest of the Western Ghat mountain ranges, it’s known for its
    scenic waterfalls, lakes and dense woods. The stretch is 10 kms long and will have you pining for more, till you reach Shivthar Ghal, a famous tourist place, with a cave and a waterfall. 

    Malshej Ghat

    Known for its misty ranges, Malshej Ghat is a popular drive for many. The rugged mountains of the Western Ghats invite you to stick out your head out of the window. What you can expect here are lakes, waterfalls and mountains. This area is paradise for hikers, trekkers and mountain lovers. 

    Tamhini Ghat

    Tamhini ghat is famous for Mulshi dam and Tamhini ghat waterfalls. It connects Pune to the Konkan region and is a tourist attraction for people. There are several waterfalls along the route to make it a spectacular experience. Once you've had your fill of the waterfalls, you can drive down to Kundalika Valley, which is the starting point for the Andharban trail. 

    Amboli Ghat

    Located in south Maharashtra, it’s right before Goa and lies on the Sawantwadi-Amboli-Belgaum route. it overlooks the forest and valley for you to cherish. May we suggest not taking pictures and instead actually enjoying the moment?

    Karul Ghat

    It gets the maximum rainfall and is located right after Gaganbawda town. Situated in Kolhapur, it is one of the most scenic routes during monsoon.

    Ganesh Ghat

    Ganesh Ghat

    Kalyan, Mumbai

    Ganesh Ghat brings with itself Shidi ghat, the two greenest stretches in Maharashtra. Running along Bhimshankar wildlife sanctuary, you’ll have the time of your life smelling all the green around you.