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Protect Your Pooch: Get Your Babies These Monsoon-Friendly Products


    While it’s raining cats and dogs in the city, it doesn’t mean that your pets should be out in the monsoons, unless they need to do their daily business. While some pets love to play with water, most of them dread it. But for us, walking our pets in the wet weather is a necessity but also has its drawbacks, so it’s best to keep them out of the rains.

    Also, it’s the perfect time to give them cuddles, since it helps to cope with the bad weather and thunder. Anyhoo, here are 5 ways you can help your furry babies this season.

    Pet Raincoats

    Generic Waterproof Dog Waistcoat Jacket

    You take all the effort to cover up during the rains, with wellies, coats and umbrellas, so why not give your pet the same treatment? Raincoats for pets are easily available and can even be bought from big pet stores. Vests and jackets are the rages now because they cover the underbelly which is prone to getting wet faster than anything else.

    So, make it a pleasant experience for your pet when they have to heed the call of nature.

    Price: INR 500 onwards

    Pet Wellies

    Dog Rain Boots

    Save your pets’ paws this season by indulging in some rain boots. Available for both cats and dogs, these rubber shoes are generally available in all sizes and a variety of colours. Honestly, we’ve gone and picked a matching pair of raincoat and gumboots for our babies to make them feel special. We recommend doing the same!

    Price: INR 800- INR 900

    Tick And Flea Control

    Monsoon’s the season where your furries suffer from illnesses or even a flea or tick infection. There are a number of products that can help combat this problem. From ultrasonic tick and flea repellers to sprays, soothing shampoos to even spot ons and collars, you can see what suits your pet best.

    Price: INR 175 -INR 2,750

    Towel And Wipes

    Dog Towels & Wipes

    Always handy to have around, pet towels and wipes are a blessing when it comes to the monsoons. Clean your babies up once they’ve come back from their walk or wipe their ears and paws from getting an infection this season.

    Price: INR 470

    Paw Butter

    Paw Butter By Petsy

    Pet paws are delicate and often go unnoticed when you go out for a walk. If your dog dislikes the feeling of pet boots or wellies, take care by using paw butter instead. You can use this butter after their walk. Thoroughly wash their paws, dry them and then apply the butter liberally on their paws. 

    Price: INR 245


    We recommend you add some Apple Cider Vinegar to your pet’s diet, or just use it like a spray (add water and apple cider) and spray it on their coats. It will help keep them tick free.