When It Rains Trouble: Prepare Your Home For The Monsoon With These Products

Ten-Second Takeaway

Monsoon is probably the only season that brings with it joy, the smell of wet mud and bhajji-chai breaks for you. Also, the impending moisture-filled doom for your home. It goes through a lot when rains lash out. Go through this list to keep it going strong.

Hold The Mold

Mold can seep into your walls, floor nooks and even clothes. To prevent the built of this slimy, disgusting element, you can buy a mold-remover spray to prevent/remove it.

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Moisture Troubles

While water is the elixir of life, it can also be trouble during monsoon. The moisture can cause dampness and cause difficulties for your furniture, clothes and electrical equipment. You can get disposable moisture absorbers that come in handy or invest in dehumidifiers if you’re looking for something permanent.

Dry Those Clothes

Getting to slip into perfectly dry clothes during monsoon is a luxury of sorts in the city. If keeping your clothes rack inside waiting for your clothes to dry out isn’t your idea of a perfect monsoon, get a clothes dryer that’ll have your clothes dry and proper in minutes.

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Keep It Cheery And Fragrant

Your home will not smell of roses during monsoon and neither will the weather play ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ for weeks. So, cheering up the house with spurts of colour becomes important. You can check out this recommendation for quirky lights, rugs and furniture here. You can go through our shopping section to check out more awesome finds.

Protect Your Furniture

Your furniture suffers silently during monsoons. If your chairs, sofas and tables are susceptible to absorb moisture, coat them with a water-proofing solution we found online here.