Ten-Second Takeaway

Mora Taara on Peddar Road is a quirky store that will sort out your home decor and gifting woes. Their products are uniquely designed to incorporate Indian aesthetics with Western influences.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond


Mora Taaras has been founded by Anuradha Kumar, a former journalist who found her calling to establish this store which translates to ‘My Star’ in colloquial Hindi. The idea behind Mora Taara was to offer the urban dwellers of the sky rises a charming way to style up their houses with traditional yet quirky decor items. The shop itself is like a beautifully done apartment and we felt the need to pick up everything. The walls are beautified with hues of browns, and we found a lot of vintage decor items hung on the wall {apart from everything that was on sale}.

In fact, Mora Toora also has a website which offers home-delivery. For the lazy ones, their gifting section is pretty resourceful, find gifts suitable for all sorts of occasion from housewarming to birthday to even a wedding {two birds with one store sort of a deal}.

What We Love


The diverse artefacts that have a beautiful hand of craftsmanship. They have a traditional avatar yet are with the times. We love the Meena Kumari coasters {INR 150}, the Husakumi notebook {INR 370} and a precious dressing table tin box with floral patterns {INR 390} for keeping all of those earrings that are often to keep a track of.

Find jewellery, indie books and even furniture {though the latter is slightly on a higher budget}. The decor items are affordable, at least when it comes to select home decor products and their paper products. We also found the gifting boxes to be adorable, especially the heart-shaped box with pink laces {INR 150} for that person who think the packing is as important as the gift itself.

So, We’re Saying…

Give your home a makeover or add splashes of cutesy home decor items and stop by Mora Taara for a quick bout of shopping. Let this be a gif to yourself this Christmas for the new year {which deserves new additions to the house}.

Price: INR 150 upwards for a pair of coasters

You can also shop online here.

Photos source: Mora Taara