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Gold Leaf, Caviar & Truffles: Do You Know How Much Mumbai's Most Expensive Pizza Costs?


    If you, like us, consider pizza the heavenliest of Italian inventions {barring the Ferrari}, it may pique your interest to learn about the most expensive pizza in Mumbai.

    A Grand Meal

    Even on our most flamboyant days, the most we have ever paid for a pizza is a little to the north of INR 500, but can you guess what the most expensive pizza in the city is made of?

    Gold, baby, gold. And a lot more. This 12-inch pizza is topped with three types of cheese {bocconcini, mozzarella and manchego}, fresh black truffles, lobster and caviar.

    Zorawar Kalra’s restaurant in Lower Parel, Kode is the inventor of this rather costly dish, which is available on the spot for INR 5000.

    To put this in perspective, the most expensive pizza in the world is for INR 77 lakhs {12,000 USD} called the Louis XII, served by Chef Renato Viola. This, in comparison, seems like its poorer cousin. From the looks of it, the toppings seem to have scantily thrown about, with not more than a handful of ingredients. Any more, and the price will shoot up.

    So, We're Saying...

    We haven’t yet mustered up the courage to ask for the pizza, and are waiting for the beginning of the month to even think about it.

    Would you give it a shot, just for kicks? Tell us!