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Inside-Out, Deconstructed And More: The Vada Pav Innovations We Love

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If there’s one food item sold in Mumbai that probably outnumbers the Pokémon you’re catching right now, it’s the vada pav.

This classic street food is loved, hated, and now reborn in our city’s fine-dining institutions. The vada pav can now be had inside-out, in a bao, deconstructed, and in a salad, to count a few reinventions. We decided to try out a few, in case you’re tired of the classic {doubtful, but let’s try something new anyway}.

Vada Pav In A Bao

The culinary force is strong with this one. Social’s penchant for mixing things up is popular and effective. One of the items on their menu is the vada pav bao, which could be a delight for the pav-haters {yes, they exist}. Served in a bao with ginger chutney, mayonnaise and chilli pickle, this Indo-Chinese fusion is a great bar snack option.

Price: INR 195

Inside-Out Vada Pav

The inside out vada pav – we love this one for the crazy concept. Ever had bread as stuffing? You can now.

Available at Masala Library, the inside-out vada pav is made with boiled potatoes, tempered garlic, mustard seeds and curry leaves mashed with spices and then stuffed with pav. After making small dumplings, they dip it in the batter, fry and serve it with chutney and tempered chillies.

Price: INR 225

All Wrapped Up Vada Pav

Vada pav is the classic “to go” snack because how convenient it is to eat. But there’s nothing that can’t be improved, so now we have the vada pav roll, courtesy The Roll Company. This is the classic rumali roti served with a filling of potato mash and the quintessential vada pav chutney and masala.

Price: INR 150

The Sizzler Vada Pav

The Vada Pav Sizzler at Bar Stock Exchange rates high on innovation. Served with fries, curried vegetables, cumin rice, kachumber and topped with fresh chilli garlic sauce, we’re recommending this to those who like their spice quotient high.

Price: INR 275

The Deconstructed Vada Pav

DIY lovers, rejoice! SpiceKlub serves a deconstructed vada pav which we basically have to assemble ourselves. This is served as a rich potato mousse, accompanied by dry garlic chutney packed in edible plastic pouches. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be on the other side of the vada pav stall, this is the experience for you.

Price: INR 425