Get Toned With A New Workout Everyday At MultiFit In Andheri West

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If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’re bound to love what this fitness studio has to offer. MultiFit works on the principle of functional training, where one is trained against their own body weight. The best part is that there’s something new to do everyday and you don’t have to stick with the same routine you’d follow at the gym. You can mix up the exercises, try a new workout, do whatever it is that you feel like!

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At MultiFit, you can do what you like. You could work out alone or with a group, whatever gives you more comfort. It’s also a great place to make friends. Trainers, coaches, fellow members- everyone here is a friend. Everyone here is a part of the fitness family, motivating each other to achieve their goals.

Fat burning is a faster process here. Functional training means training using your body weight, and doing exercises with activities that you’d otherwise perform in daily life. This type of training boosts your metabolism. There is also the after burn effect where your body continues to burn fat and tone even after the workout is over. Toning is a faster process too. You’re training against your own body weight. This ensures faster results in strength and muscle development. These exercises work great for your core. And this is much more than those six pack abs people blindly work towards. Good core strength doesn’t only mean abs, it also involves great posture, and improves flexibility and overall strength. Whatever exercise you’re doing during functional training, your core is always a part of it.

Anything Else?

You can challenge yourself. Body-weight exercises can easily be modified to challenge anyone. The basic set of workout remains the same, the intensity, number and duration of breaks and reps make the difference. You can modify your exercise on your own too! If you feel the regular push ups are too basic, try the clap at the top of a push up to make things a little tough. If you think squats are too easy, add in extra reps and some weight. If you think pushing the sledge is not as difficult as you thought it’d be, add some weight and push!

There’s a lot to be done, and it’s all in good fun. While there’s no universal “best” way to exercise, body-weight movements in functional training offer lots of benefits. One good thing here is that if in case you miss out on the workout, you can always do variations of the same exercises at home too {told you, you’d not find an excuse to avoid your workout}.

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Working out at MultiFit is amazing. You enter a workout session not knowing what your trainer has planned for you. The exercises change everyday, some fun additions keep the members engaged, and you’ll never find an excuse not to work out. Plus you get a trainer to design an exercise based on your age and health, don’t worry about it. Click here to check out their Facebook page.