This Food Delivery Service Will Take Last Orders At 4.20AM

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ChillPapi, a late night delivery service that delivers across Andheri {East & West}, Juhu, Ghatkopar, and Powai promises to take care of your munchies – until 4.20am, that is. More areas will be added, as they expand.

Chow Down

Imagine this. You’re lazily perched on your beanbag thinking about the larger perspective of life and munchies hit you out of nowhere. You reach for a bag of chips or prepare to head out for a short drive to get some food but ChillPapi doesn’t want you to do that. Especially if you live anywhere between Mulund and Thane.

Instead, they want to deliver a cheese garlic bread {INR 250}, a BBQ cottage cheese burger {INR 260} or a Bombay burrito {INR 200} to your doorstep so that you can relax and watch a re-run of That 70s Show. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Sip On

They’ve introduced shakes with aerated strawberry cream at INR 120 and triple choco chip frappe at INR 250. Cold Coffee comes at INR 180 and Oreo crumble frappe, INR 250.

Winning For

Their closing time, obviously.


You can call them on +919769009797 and +919769000273, to place your orders. They also take orders on their website here.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai