Ten-Second Takeaway

Tea & Conversations cafe in Mulund West is a small and vibrantly decorated cafe that I love for its affordable food and warm ambience.

Chow Down


The menu at this place is dominated by amazing, light-on-the-pocket comfort food. I love their garlic bread with melted cheese, the French fries served with assorted dips and the chocolate pizza as well. The cafe is small, so once it’s fully occupied it can get a little noisy. But they even have a selection of board games, and they will assemble them at your table on request.

Sip On


True to their name, the cafe serves an impressive list of teas. Masala, ginger, cinnamon, lemongrass, kesariya, mint, chocolate and rose are some of the flavours that are available. They also have a very interesting selection of black teas, which includes tender orange, creamy fruit fusion, swirly strawberry, and more.

If you’re tea-ed out, try their milkshakes. Their saffron and cream milkshake for INR 150 deserves a special mention.

Anything Else?

It’s a cosy, cute little cafe situated in the lane right opposite to Johnson & Johnson in Mulund West.┬áThis place is being preferred mostly by college teens.┬áThe look and feel of the cafe is positive, energetic and lively. Every wall has its own unique identity, thanks to the mugs, post-it notes, posters and books shelf installations on the walls.

Photo source: Tea and Conversations