Why The Mumbai Assembly Is A Great Addition To The City's Cultural Scene

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The Mumbai Assembly is a cultural space in Bandra that hosts monthly big jams, workshops, live performance in an aim to bring the artists and performers’ communities under one roof.

A Place For The Arts

The Mumbai Assembly was started off in June 2016 by Rafael Pereira and Preeti Gaonkar to have a space and community to encourage the culture and arts in Mumbai. It’s a spacious space near Birdsong Cafe in Bandra and shares the space with Kanara Catholic Association {with the KCA Hall} {on the first floor}.

Their main aim is simple – to be an unconventional space that promotes arts through curating performances, music events, dance, workshops and theatre along with collaborating with other networks that do the same in this city. The space is divided into sections with its two floors, the ground floor housing an indoor court {permitting 150 guests} and two on the floor above.

What We Love

Another space in Mumbai which is working to bring together artists all under a community so the city gets the best of everything. They have in the past hosted workshops like the Chilean Folk Music workshop to theatre workshops among other performances. They also had the monthly Big Jazz Jam which had artists like Sanjay Divecha, Dhruv Ghanekar and Samantha Edwards.

In the future, they will be hosting Big Funk Jam, Big Blues Jam and incorporate more genres to give their patrons something new and exciting every month. They organise off-beat workshops like building the ensemble and do not want to restrict their space to just music – they want to go above and beyond it – something this city warmly welcomes. In July, they hosted the lovely Reading Room Session wherein people read anonymous letters to each other.

So, We're Saying...

With metro cities like New York, Berlin and Paris – which have beautiful gig venues and in plenty – it’s good to see Mumbai catching up the trend. With The Mumbai Assembly, we’re only waiting to see exciting gigs in the coming months as they’re here to stay and slay.

Stay updated with their upcoming events here.