Postcard Per Day

    This Mumbai-Based Artist Is Giving Out Gorgeous Handmade Postcards For Free {Get Yours Now}

    Jayati posted on 26 June


    Tawfik Manham is a Mumbai-based artist who is running his #Postcardperday campaign wherein every day he is sending out handmade postcards for free. If you request one, you get it.

    To You, With Love

    Tawfik Manham is a Mumbai-based artist and product designer working with Godrej. Back in 2015, he started off his project on Instagram wherein he makes one postcard per day.

    Over the next two years, he started getting requests from across the globe – UK, Russia, USA and more. Manham has now launched a website wherein we can place a request for a postcard, and he’ll eventually get to you depending on where you are on the queue.

    What We Love

    This is Manham’s passion project, something that he feels does good for him. He gets to illustrating the postcard either before going to work, or after work. But he makes sure one postcard is sent out a day.

    If you’re wondering why the attachment to postcards, then let’s dial back a little bit. Manham has always been fond of writing letters, and postcards, something he realised became a mode of communication when he went to college in National Institute Of Design in Hyderabad. Keeping in touch via postcards and letters with friends and family back home in Kerala became a reality, something he now figures is a part and parcel of his life. So far, there is no monetary value attached to these postcards. All you need to do is go to his website, and give in your request {he will even customise them for you}. In return, you get a beautiful handmade postcard made with love and passion.

    So, We're Saying...

    Keeping the spirit of postcards alive in the time of internet is a rarity. If you’re reading this in Kolkata or Paris, he will send it to you. As he puts it,  “wherever it can go, I’ll send it”.

    Find Manham’s project on Instagram here.

    Write in for a postcard to his website here.

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    Postcard Per Day


    Postcard Per Day