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Open Wide: Our Guide To Gourmet Burger Hotspots In The City

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If you’re like us, you would have shed a silent tear when Mumbai’s biggest burger bowed out. Sundance Cafe at Churchgate shut down a few years ago, taking with it, the legendary Sasquatch Burger. The burger weighed in at about a kilo and a half, with a meat patty being held cosily in place by slices of Canadian bacon and a fried egg. But not to worry, Mumbai’s burger joints have plenty of worthy successors to the Sasquatch throne. We broke down some of the best and the biggest buns across the city for you.

OMG Burger, Cafe Universal

Standing tall at six centimetres, this burger comes with a steak knife fully plunged into its centre. Like onions and ogres, this one’s got layers, a dozen of them, to be exact, five meat patties, five slices of Britannia cheese, sauteed onions and tomato slices. Order it if you’re hungry, but also if you, like us, want to try the house Thousand Island Sauce. The owner refuses to be pinned down to any ingredient, merely saying it’s a “mixture”. Alright then.

Price: INR 600

#LBBTip - Order and eat at leisure, this bad boy takes a minimum of 15 minutes to show up on your table.

The XL Burger, The Little Door

Standing tall at eighteen centimetres. The XL Burger has nine layers including tomato salsa, jalapenos, lettuce, the patty, house coleslaw, chicken salami and a fried egg. It’s also available in five varieties — pork, tenderloin, lamb, chicken and vegetarian. 

Price: INR 363 

The 10 Ounce Burger, Hard Rock Cafe

This six centimetre burger's got six layers, including a meat patty, merlot butter, two bacon strips, a slice of cheese, onion rings and oh, and fries on the side. Don’t miss the delicious, house-made merlot butter, churned and melting on the patty to perfection. Yum! 

Price: INR 495

The Jaw Breaker, Jimis Burgers

It’s got seven layers, including double chicken patties, double bacon, salami, a fried egg and cheese. Order for it if you’re a meat-lover. This burger has minimal dressing and sauce.

Price: INR 399 onward

Teriyaki Burgers, Mother Trucker

The best burgers and burritos we’ve had in a while. Their burgers are soul-satisfying, to say the least. We highly recommend the Teriyaki and the Peri Peri burgers. Best part? They’re open till late in the night.

Price: INR 250 onward

#LBBTip – They’re open for delivery till 1:30 AM

The Godfather Burger, Howra

A big, fat, juicy patty smothered with mayo, mustard and ketchup is a must for every burger lover’s soul. Drop in at this burgers-only joint to enjoy lunch hour, a quick dinner with friends or even a post-workout cheat meal. Oh, and while you are at it, don't forget to gorge on the 19-centimeter long Godfather burger. 

Price: INR 550 

American Quarter Pounder, The Serial Griller

Great ingredients make great burgers, which is why The Serial Griller’s American Quarter Pounder is a clear winner. A thick, juicy patty sandwiched between buns comes together to create a perfect harmony that only a true food lover can enjoy. Our other favorite was the Silence Of The Lamb. So don't miss out on that when you go. 

Price: INR 300

Triple Threat Burgers, Mad About Burgers

Triple Decker Burgers anyone? Drop by to enjoy burger heaven, complete with meat, bread, and fries. P.S- When you are hogging on to their delicious burgers, you might want to quench your thirst with their freak shakes.

Price: INR 370


If you thought this tiny joint in Borivali was only known for teas, you’re missing out on some serious desi burger heaven . Whether you wish to enjoy an A-Kela burger all alone or split a humongous Burj Khalifa burger amongst your group, do drop by to enjoy some desi preps that are total value for money! 

Price: INR 350

The Chick Flick Burger, Between Breads

Drooling at the thought of that greasy, top-tier burger with that juicy meat and cheese sandwiched between fresh buns? The burgers at Between Breads are those you’d get emotionally attached to. True story. Get your hands on their chick flick burger asap! 

Price: INR 325

Canadian Pulled Barbecue Chicken Burgers, Three Chicks And A Bear

Hit with a greasy, sinful burger craving? The juicy, crunchy parcel of happiness from Three Chicks And A Bear is your getaway to burger heaven. Also, they have a vast menu, so making a decision would take some time.

Price: INR 375