Mumbai has a lot of bookstores, whether they be Crosswords nestled in gas stations, or Landmarks inside a mall. But what I love about some of Mumbai’s bookstores is how much they have to offer besides the books, bricks and mortar. It’s a total experience, from finding books I didn’t know about, to drinking one of the best hot chocolates in town. Here are some of my favourites.

Drink Hot Chocolate At Leaping Windows Café

Situated in Versova, this place has an excellent collection of manga, graphic novels and comics. It is the one-stop shop for such books in the city. It has a cute café with some amazing interiors and funky cushions. One of my favourite things here is the hot chocolate in the café, which is one thing you might not want to miss this monsoon. Find a cosy corner and cuddle up with the hot chocolate and one of their more than 100 100 comics.

Be Overwhelmed At Kitab Khana

Thís is the biggest bookstore you will see in the most populated part of the city. The moment I enter, this place hits me with the sheer volume of books. It’s HUGE. Yes, capslock is the only way I can express its size.

Photo source: Kitab Khana

Photo source: Kitab Khana

This place also has a café called Food for Thought located in one corner of the bookstore. I haven’t gone through the whole collection because there are more number of books than I could ever read in the entire lifetime. A must-visit if you are exploring South Mumbai.

Wander Around At Title Waves

They call themselves Mumbai’s first-ever large format bookstore, and Titles Waves is one of the most spacious bookstores in the city.Situated in the by-lanes of Pali Hill, Bandra, it’s very easy to spot because of its sheer size, being spread over 8,000 square feet.

Photo source: Title Waves via Facebook

Photo source: Title Waves via Facebook

The collection looks bit disorganised, and they lack a lot of the popular books I’ll find elsewhere, but it’s a great space to browse, get some peace of mind and relax.

Get A Recommendation At Wayword & Wise

If you’re coming here, don’t forget to play a game with the book store manager. Tell him your top three books or authors, and he will – by collating your taste and what he’s learnt in over a decade in the books business – tell you what to read next,

This is the most well-curated bookstore you will come across in Mumbai. Expect to leave with both your wallet and heart lighter.

Featured photo: Athul Prasad/LBB