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Hogging Company: Join These Mumbai Clubs To Meet And Eat With Fellow Foodies

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There’s no love greater than the love of food. It’s hard to find people to who love food with the same intensity that you do, and food clubs are a brilliant way to meet these other like-minded foodies. Join a group you like, and meet them once in a while to take over the city, one kebab, pizza or biryani at a time.

Pet Pujari

Pet Pujari is an active food club in Mumbai, who are united in their love of food and discovering more and more of it, preferably together. Besides discussing, dissecting, and drooling over pictures and info about food in the city on their Facebook page, they organise meet-ups twice a month.

These are all fatkas and kadkas where, at the beginning of the month they explore fancier, more luxurious restaurants and towards the end of the month, try the best deals and street eats. No registration fee, either pay for what you order, or you pool in money with the gang.

Like their Facebook page here to be a fellow Pet Pujari.

Mumbai Meat Marathon

Mumbai Meat Marathon is a group of unabashed meat lovers in the city, who find company in each other. Food is their passion, and they make no qualms about exploring new as well as unhaunted joints like true blue foodies. They often go on food trails, taking one area at a time and check out 4-5 restaurants as they go along. From Mahim Ramadhaan Trail, trying suckling pig, or going on an all bacon trail even, these adventures do it all.

This is a private facebook group, but they accept new foodies. Apply here to be part of this madness, they’ll be happy to meet you.

Mumbai Street Food Meetup

Love street food? Enjoy with fellow foodies who meet up once in a while especially to try out new delicacies and street eats in Mumbai, choosing a theme at a time.

Sometimes they will be off to try out from iconic bakeries such as A1, the other times they will conquer different neighbourhoods and the rest, they might pick a theme – such as South Indian snacks.

You can join their group here and keep abreast of their upcoming events.

Mumbai Coffee Meetup

Mumbai Coffee Meetup is a group for those who live, love and breathe coffee and want to share their love for it. Based in Mumbai and Thane, here the members meet up around once in two months to try out coffees, bring different coffee beans from their travels to discuss and try.

This is an meetup group and you can join it over here to know of their upcoming events.

Khao Piyo Local

Started by Shilpa Chawla, a food influencer, at a time when ‘foodies’ were hard to find in one place, Khao Piyo Local is a group of home chefs, cooks, bloggers, restaurant owners and the regular Joe who just wants a really good pizza. It’s a space to explore new restaurants and dishes, discuss recipes, talk about the food scene in Mumbai and also make new friends.

It is set around Mumbai, Delhi, New York, Goa and Pune and every month or two, they have different meetups – pot lunches, foodie meet ups, restaurant reviews, and even fun cook offs at each other places. It is a more selective group to join, as there is an interview by Shilpa first, but you can apply to be a part of it here.