Connecting Flight? This City Hotel Is The Perfect Option For A B&B


    Have a connecting flight from Mumbai? Or worse, did you miss that connecting flight and are struggling to spend a night in the city? Well, Holiday Inn Mumbai is your best bet.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Holiday Inn Mumbai is so close to the airport, so, it makes for the perfect place for you to chill out at before you fly out. If you’ve travelled by air, and have a flight to catch the next morning, just don’t think before checking in here. Why? Because this place has got something for everyone.

    You can either choose a regular room or go for their suites if your pockets are feeling happier than usual. Soak yourself in the bathtubs (only for suite occupants), or walk-in for a hot water shower. While you get done with your pending business on their in-house wi-fi, you can enjoy your playlist just as you dock your iPod in their docking station.

    Amenities: Tattva spa, complimentary fitness centre, free wifi, multi-cuisine dining experience and bar. 

    Packages: Start at INR 4,000 per night


    Comfort, a fuss-free stay, and B&B – c’mon now! Don’t be greedy.