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Quicker Than A Netflix Episode: You Will Soon Be Able To Reach Pune In Just 25 Minutes

    What Is It?

    If there’s one dream we wish comes true, it’s a hassle-free, traffic-free travel to our favourite neighbouring city, Pune. And if this news is anything to go by, then our travel time to Pune is likely to cut down to less than 15 minutes thanks to the Mumbai-Pune hyperloop project. Read on to know more.

    Say Whaaat?

    As per the report, Los Angeles-based Virgin Hyperloop One has signed contracts with the government Maharashtra as per Richard Branson’s speech at the recently held Magnetic Maharashtra investor summit. This means that the almost four-hour-long journey, where we cover a total of almost 160kms on road, will be cut down to less than 15 minutes {13 minutes is the estimated time}.

    Now that’s gonna be one helluva ride. Apart from making this an insanely easy journey for us, it will also bridge the gap between the two new airports at Purandar {near Pune} and Navi Mumbai. Awesome, right?

    According to this News18 report, “the proposed project will begin after a six-month in-depth feasibility study which will analyse and define the route alignment, including environmental impact, economic and commercial viability, the regulatory framework, and cost and funding model suggestions.”

    Beginning with an operational demonstration track in the region, let’s see when we get to zip, zap, zoom to Pune.

    So, We're Saying...

    We really hope this takes off soon. We’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed for this one.