Poetry Reading, Theatre Workshops & More: Where To Channel Your Creativity In Mumbai

Jayati posted on 23 May

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re looking for poetry nights, or to just be a part of a dramatic play, check out these groups that will let you join in, or attend a workshop.

Rangshila Theatre Group

Rangshila Theatre Group is based out Mumbai, and for anyone who wants an insight into the world theatre, can sign up for their workshops. They organise intensive production workshop ever two months, and they generally last four months or so.

It’s open to anyone, and everyone. They do have a few ethics one must follow, such as being on time, and respecting the art. The workshop is a mix of people from all sorts of background, and ages. The workshop for the first two months happens on the weekends for two-three hours. Herein, you get to learn the dynamics of theatre dynamics, stage dynamics, how an actor should use his/her body and voice on stage, understanding scripts et all.

Post this, the batch works on a script for an entire month. By the end of the workshop, they put up their own play.

Fee: INR 40,000 {for four months of the workshop}

Find more information here.

Classes & Workshops

Oakland Park, Lokhandwala Comlplex, Yamuna Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai

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QTP India

QTP is a theatre and arts performance management company, and they are constantly on the look out for actors, musicians or even singers to be a part of their umpteen productions they keep producing.

From playwriting workshops to acting workshops for kids, this one is for people who are looking to get involved with the theatre scene. They also have events wherein they organise random performance outings, and the audience can take part in these.

To get updates, follow them here.


Kommune in its simplest sense is a collective of artists, poets, singers and anyone with a creative bone as they showcase storytelling across the country. Bringing poetry to our phones and social media, Kommune has been successfully conduction story telling and poetry slamming workshops, and anyone is welcome to these events.

Shamir Reuben, resident poetry performer tells us these workshops are organised to source talents from as many spaces and cities as possible. They are generally two hours long, and are meant to be inclusive as the audience gets a chance to be involved and tell their own story. He says, “anyone who wants to tell a story worth telling is welcome.”

Once you sign up for these workshops, you have a chance to implore your personal writing there. Once can also send in writing via the email. Shamir says, they often work with people for a week to improve their material before they get on stage and have given a platform to a lot of the younger folks out there.

You can see some of the performances at Kommune workshops here, and here.

Follow them on Facebook for events here.

More Than Mics

More Than Mics is a group started by teenagers, Aranya Johar and Prachee Mashru who organise open mics nights for poetry. This one is a special one as they have a special monthly poetry night called, Blind Poetry Night’ wherein the performers perform in the darkness.

Some of the regulars include ‘Dear you, from me’ which begins with a dedication followed by the poetry. Then they also have Throwback Thursday wherein people perform two pieces, the first ever one they wrote and their most recent one. These open mic nights are open to anyone who registers with them. It’s for anyone who wants motivation to put out their pieces to the public, get feedback or just meet other artists and socialise.

You can stay updated with their events on Facebook here.

NOW Productions

NOW Productions was started off by FTII graduate Vinay Sharma. It’s a group that looks to bring together the actors, directors, musicians, dancers writers and more under one roof. They have a simple ideology here, they believe in the present and now, and hence the name.

Currently it’s run by Vinay, and Niketan who keep organising workshops and even produce plays. The workshops are generally more focused on cinematic acting a opposed to theatre acting, but it’s a good start to begin with. Currently, Niketan is working on a play, ‘ Adrak’ which he has written himself and is directing it as well. They are open to people collaborating with them, and offer a platform to people who want to an insight into this field.

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