Mumbaikars,You May Be Able To Look Down Upon Traffic With The Drone Taxi

Apurva posted on 12 October

Up Above The World So High

Elevate- a program launched by Uber in 2016 with the objective of improving mobility within cities,  seems to finally see the light of the day.

The State Government has approved the Centre's plan for the drone taxi service, with only a few ground rules. With the help of Uber, the Central Government is formulating a drone taxi policy to launch across majorly congested cities Mumbai, Bengaluru and Delhi. According to this report, Mumbai has been shortlisted and could be home to the first international Uber Air City within the next five years. This came only after the new Development Plan having proposed permissions to allow helicopter landing pads atop high-rises in the city.

Our expectations from this development are sky high, so let's hope Uber Air actually materialises.