Size Matters: Mumbai's Five Biggest Burgers

Apoorva posted on 14 June

If you’re like us, you would have shed a silent tear when Mumbai’s biggest burger bowed out. Sundance Cafe at Churchgate shut down earlier this year, taking with its legendary Sasquatch Burger. The burger weighed in at about a kilo and a half, with a beef patty being held cosily in place by slices of Canadian bacon and a fried egg.
But not to worry — Mumbai’s burger joints have plenty of worthy successors to the Sasquatch throne. We broke down five of the biggest in buns across the city for you.

OMG Burger at Cafe Universal

Standing tall at: Six centimetres, this burger comes with a steak knife fully plunged into its centre

Like onions and ogres: This one’s got layers — a dozen of them, to be exact — five buffalo meat patties, five slices of Britannia cheese, sauteed onions and tomato slices.

Order it if: You’re hungry, duh. But also if you, like us, want to try the house Thousand Island Sauce. The owner refuses to be pinned down to any ingredient, merely saying it’s a “mixture”. Alright then.

#LBB Tip: Order and eat at leisure, this bad boy takes a minimum of 15 minutes to show up on your table.

Price: Rs 550


299, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai

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The XL Burger at The Little Door

Standing tall at: Eighteen centimetres.

Like onions and ogres: The XL Burger has nine layers including tomato salsa, jalapenos, lettuce, the patty, house coleslaw, chicken salami and a fried egg. It’s also available in five varieties — pork, tenderloin, lamb, chicken and vegetarian.

Order it if: You also love beer, because…

#LBB Tip: if you finish the burger within three minutes, you can avail of free beer at the restaurant for a month.

Price: INR 363 upwards.


Citi Mall, B-31, Ground Floor, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai

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The 10 Ounce Burger at Hard Rock Cafe

Standing tall at: Seven centimetres.

Like onions and ogres: It’s got six layers, including a buffalo patty, merlot butter, two bacon strips, a slice of cheese, onion rings and oh, fries on the side.

Order it if: You know never to ask for a steak ‘well-done’. HRC has never overcooked our burger patties.

#LBB Tip: Don’t miss the delicious, house-made merlot butter, churned and melting on the patty to perfection.

Price: INR 535


Sharyans Audeu, Fun Cinema Lane, Near Yashraj Studios, Veera Desai Industrial Estate, Andheri West, Mumbai

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The Jaw Breaker at Jimis Burgers

Standing tall at: Ten centimetres.

Like onions and ogres: It’s got seven layers, including double chicken patties, double bacon, salami, a fried egg and cheese.

Order it if: You’re a meat-lover. This burger has minimal dressing and sauce. It’s not messing around.

#LBB Tip: As long as you’re in Malad, you might as well check out the Goan Cart next to Orlem Church. Uncle makes a mean beef burger.

Price: INR 350


13 & 14, Pleasant Park, Off Link Road, Opp. Movie Time Cinema, Evershine Nagar, Malad West, Mumbai

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