BRB, Snorting The Mustard: This Place Marries Bengali & French Cuisines Together

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What Makes It Awesome?

We had heard a lot about Mustard in Goa. Famous for bringing together Bengali and French cuisines, this fine diner earned quite a reputation in the party capital. So we decided to go and see what the hype is all about, for ourselves, in their Mumbai branch. Located inside Worli's Atria Mall, this restaurant is quite the showstealer, and for all the right reasons. Here's why.  

Warm lighting, jazz music, the loud chattering of hungry diners and the smell of food in the air are just a few noticeable things about this restaurant. With a lavish Bengali and French menu staring at you to make a choice, decision making isn't easy here. We started with the small plates, and ordered a variety of items that ranged from a Bengal Mezze Platter and Alur Dum to Til-telkathi (charcoal roasted pork cubes) and Mangsher Bhaja. And this is just the Bengali part of it. The French bits included Tartare de Tomates, Ailerons de Volailles (chicken wings), Croquettes and more. The food was delightfully tasty, like we expected it to be, and very carefully curated. No dish and no one flavor overpowered the other, and both the cuisines had their own charm. For the mains, we stuck to the usual- fish curry, dal, rice, and a meat gravy, along with some salmon from the French kitchen.

Like we mentioned earlier, decision making wasn't easy given the options, so naturally there was more of one cuisine than the other. Personally, we would've liked to dig deeper into the French section, but we'll save that for our second visit. 

Pro Tip

Make a reservation before you head there. Those who've visited the Goa outpost would know just how revered this restaurant is.