Need Speakers Or Maybe A Hover Board? Rent Them From A Pal With This App


Mutterfly is a peer to peer rental platform that lets you rent items from awesome people nearby and helps you earn by renting out your unused items.

How Does It Work?

So if you are looking to experience a DSLR or try out the latest iPhone or need a Karaoke set for a house party, you can just rent on Mutterfly. It’s also a great way to rent out that guitar that we bought and never used, or a barbecue grill used for annual family dinners, and earn some extra cash.

On Mutterfly, you can rent items such as a hoverboard, a karaoke set, a beer pong table, a PlayStation, a foosball table, giant board Games and even a VR set. After downloading the app, you have to log in via Facebook, and post your requirement for an item. Then, someone in your neighborhood who has that item will get in touch, and the two parties will then have to coordinate for the same.

So, We're Thinking...

Mutterfly is currently present in Mumbai and users can rent out items instantly via their Android App. While it’s a bit of a hit and a miss {we’re still waiting for our hoverboard}, it’s definitely worth a shot. Though we do recommend that you post your requirements a few days in advance.

Download the app for your android phone here.