Ten-Second Takeaway

Tired of bugging the neighbours for some household help? The Mumbai-based My Didi app and website can provide house-cleaning services on demand.

How Does It Work?

Living alone or with a roommate in Mumbai comes with its own struggles – one of which is that it’s very difficult for us to find the time to hunt down someone to help us keep everything together at home. Here’s where the My Didi concept comes in – we can book online {between 7am and 5pm} and a ‘didi’ will arrive within two hours. They provide general, washroom, bedroom and bathroom cleaning.

So We’re Saying…

Not only are the didis background-checked and come with all their own cleaning supplies, we also love this app for how fairly they treat the didis. They are picked up from their home in an auto rickshaw, provided with water and snacks, and dropped back after the service is completed. They are also ensured a fair compensation, which is something sorely lacking from this unregulated sector.

While we do wish they provided other services – no clothes washing or cooking, but they will help you load a washing machine – we do like how affordable and guaranteed this service is. Hourly service is for INR 149, and if we purchase a 30-hour package, it’s for INR 99 per session.

Check out their website here to know more, and connect with your next didi.

Featured photo courtesy: My DidiĀ