Smell That Brew: Mysore Concerns In Matunga Is The Best Place To Get Your Coffee

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All About The Kaapi

Round about the famous Matunga circle that is dotted with South Indian shops, is the famous Mysore Concerns selling South Indian filter kaapi like none other.

One Filter Kaapi, Please

‘Making coffee is an art – not like tea, which anybody can make,’ said the owner of Mysore Concerns to us, when we visited. Your nose will know the moment you hit the street which leads to Mysore Concerns. The aroma of Mysore Concerns’s freshly ground coffee beans fill up the air, and for caffeine-lovers, hit the sweet spot. This humble establishment run by avid filter coffee-lovers from the South has been around since 1939. They make a blend from the best coffee beans grown in India (Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala), which are procured from these areas, roasted and then finally ground in this small premises.

The flavour and robustness of the ground coffee powder sold in their packets every week may vary because of the beans and which plantation they come from (the best beans are apparently from Karnataka).

To make this coffee, we are told that you need an electric coffee maker or a filter coffee appliance. You can two put two tsp coffee powder, 60 ml boiling water, hot milk and sugar, and here’s a little secret from the coffee-maker himself: If you boil milk fresh right before making a cuppa, the flavour will be enhanced (as opposed to reheating and reboiling old milk).

This is the sole shop of Mysore Concerns, but their coffee powders are available through certain grocery stories in the city – mostly Central Suburbs, Western Suburbs and Navi Mumbai. In fact, they even supply their coffee to Café Mysore and Arya Bhavan in Matunga, so you can have coffee over there made from these beans.

The next time you come by Matunga for that early morning breakfast, take a turn and visit Mysore Concerns. They make their coffee just right.


They’re closed on Mondays.