Adventurers, Go Trekking On This Offbeat Path Overlooking The Vasai Creek

    What Is It?

    Venture into Sanjay Gandhi National Park from the Thane entrance for a gorgeous and thrilling trek. The northernmost region of SNGP is the dense forest cover and Nagla Block trail where you can go for a trek.

    How Do I Get There?

    If you are driving from Mumbai, you have to take the Western Express Highway towards Vasai. Post crossing the Vasai bridge {which crosses over the creek}, you have to drive straight down and google map ‘Pritam Dhaba, Vasai’ on your phone for directions or simply ask for your way to the national park.Over there, you have to buy tickets for entry {they cost about INR 50 per head}.

    If you wish, you can always ask the guard’s for their mobile number in case you require any help while you’re inside with directions.

    Alternately, you can take a train to Vasai as well and get there just the same.

    What Is Unique About It?

    Some of us might not know it  but the SGNP actually extends way from Borivali to even Thane, covering most of the western and northern borders of Mumbai. The opening from Vasai is relatively unknown, and leads to a off-road path perfect for treks and cycling. The trek in this Nagla Block area is a relatively easy one, and is 3km long. You can cover it within 2-3 hours. Through shrubs and brambles, you will find yourself peeking at the beautiful and vast Vasai lake, which serves as a lovely backdrop to the trek.

    Anything Else?

    Please do remember to carry mosquito spray, wear muted-coloured clothing {as the internet suggests due to wild animals}, put on good walking shoes, and definitely pack water and food – there isn’t any available in that area. Just as a word for the wise, wear long socks if donning shorts as there it is a brambly path with shrubs and thorns.

    Going in the early morning time is good as it will get really hot later on.


    So, We're Saying...

    It is best to go in a group of at least 3-4 people as it is an isolated area. If you want more company, you can go with a trekking group such as this one.

    The fresh air will be lovely, and the trek motivating but remember to stop every once in a while and enjoy the view.