Have You Gone The All-Natural Route? Now Your Pet Can Too

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What Makes It Awesome

While we're considering making the switch to natural skincare and organic food, I think it's important that we put the same care that we do for ourselves into the four-legged members of our families ie our dogs and cats. It's equally important that we make sure that they too are not exposed to harmful chemicals and don't suffer unpleasant side effects. This is where Natural Remedies comes in. 

Natural Remedies is a pet care brand that's meant for pets. I actually loved the fact that their range of products went beyond topical products for just grooming to actual healthcare for our pets like medicine, supplements, functional treats, and of course, grooming products too. From Digestive Bites for your pet's gut care to Fresh Me Up, a mild waterless foam cleanser to Reliflam Spray for itching and redness, these products are formulated with care for your pet babies. 

I especially found the Functional Treats interesting like the Smart Bites for training and development, Derma Bites for skin health, Mobility Bites for joint health and Immunity Bites to boost immunity. These also come in flavours like egg and chicken liver that your doggo would enjoy. You can shop their range on Amazon India. 

What Could Be Better

It would be great to see a few more natural coat care products too, plus more options for cats as most products are geared towards dogs.


We found their products are available online on Amazon.