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Facial Bombs? Yup, This Natural Brand Makes Getting Your Glow On Oh So Simple


    What Makes It Awesome

    I fell for the packaging first. There, I said it. Now on to more important things like what Lushveda is actually about. I happened across Lushveda on Instagram and was instantly drawn to their product line. It looked luxurious and above all, was natural and organic. 

    Saumya, Lushveda's founder wanted to create products that are chemical-free and harness the power of organic roots and herbs sourced from the Himalayas, flowers from our forests, and minerals from the sea. The products are handcrafted in Lushveda's lab and free from chemicals, parabens, artificial colour, and artificial fragrances.

    While browsing their product line, I came across one I was especially fascinated by - their Facial Balls or bombs. These are made with vitamin E-rich almonds, anti-oxidant flax seeds, skin-brightening manjistha, smoothening anantmool, gentle exfoliator oatmeal, cooling vetiver and the scent of rose petals with luscious shea butter. You just need to add water and apply it to your face for an instant glow. It nourishes and exfoliates. Another product that I'd definitely add to my routine is the Organic Kannauj Rosewater. Rosewater is a great natural toner and soothes and balances the skin. Their steam distilled process ensures that the rose's natural properties are preserved for maximum benefit. And if you're into some self love 101 or if you need to gift someone, then the Royal Rose Indulgence Gift Box is a great option too (any weddings coming up? These could make for great favours)

    Prices generally range from INR 200 to INR 400. 


    You can shop their range via Amazon or Nykaa.