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Missing Shows At NCPA? Here’s A Chance To View Their Live Performances


What Makes It Awesome

India’s premiere cultural hub for performing arts, The NCPA has brought a carefully curated showcase of its performative archives on YouTube. Watch specially curated events from NCPA’s extensive library on their YouTube Channel all in the comfort of your home.

While you get used to the new normal of staying in, why not get your culture fix too, as NCPA is now rolling out some of the best events to lift your spirits and get you a respite from the usual sitcoms. The best of concerts, musical symphonies, and workshops presented at the NCPA can now be viewed online on their YouTube Channel.

Select from a grand Symphony Music Orchestra, performances by Mallika Sarabhai and Mandy Gaines’ Quartet, Hemant Chavan and The Manganiyar Seduction by Mr. Roysten Abel. From audio visual spectacles to theatrical dance performances, to jazz festivals and serene musical showcases, they have a great week packed with quality entertainment. What we’re looking forward to the most is their astoundingly beautiful Nrityagram dance showcase (8th April) and Clifford Brown’s legacy band music ( The NCPA's Jazz Festival on 9th April).

When: 3rd April- 9th April, 6:00 p.m. onwards

Where: NCPA’s YouTube channel


Add their events to your calendar and keep your love for the arts alive, even in quarantine time!