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We're Quacking Our Way To This New Eatery In Khar That's Serving Duck Dosa


The Looney, The Lover & The Poet has recently opened in Khar and is all set to woo you with its light-filled, airy space and a bar to breakfast dining experience. Let’s see what it has in store for us!

Chow Down

Taking inspiration from both global and local cuisine, the menu flaunts a large spread of yummy dishes. They also have keto-friendly, vegan and gluten-free dishes for anyone with dietary restrictions. Start your meal with Afghani ashak with minced lamb and chifa lomo saltado {Peruvian-inspired French fries served with lamb}. Don’t forget to explore the restaurant’s open grill and try the ras al hanout spiced chicken with sumac-flavoured feta cream.

Top pick for the main course will be the succulent Chimichurri lobster served with handmade spätzle in sambuca butter. If you are looking for something light, go for rhubarb and beet fish with edamame and wasabi skordalia. Also, don’t forget to try the duck dosa. Their evening special food menu rotates every month, so there’s no scope of monotony.

To end your meal on a sweet note, order ‘all the honey in the world’, which features honey in every format from wildflower honey custard to honeycomb ice-cream.

Sip On

The cocktail menu changes through the day and night with exciting concoctions for you to try. Their 100% natural cocktails are free of any chemicals, preservatives or additives. Craft beverages like kombucha, cider and meads along with dairy-free smoothies, vegan cocktails and fruit wines is what you can expect to hydrate yourself with here.

So, We're Saying...

Decorated with eco-friendly paints, BTC wood, LED lights, hand-painted furniture and recycled glass, the restaurant is not only gorgeous but is perfect for any date nights or group catch-ups. The vibe is super relaxing, and you shouldn’t waste any more time in getting there.


They also have an option to order customisable menus which are perfect for a couple wanting to celebrate a special occasion.