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Gorge On Juicy Kebabs, Smooth Hummus & Biryani From This New Delivery Service In Khar

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Crave a hot plate of kebabs or a soothing bowl of hummus? The Kebab Guy is here to tend to your needs.

Chow Down

Can you discuss hummus and its viscosity at length? Do you feel happier seeing biryani rather than people? Then you’be gotta say hello to The Kebab Guy – the newest delivery service on the block.

Serving Middle Eastern,Turkish, Lebanese & Hyderabadi cuisine, The Kebab Guy comes from the guys behing SOHO, Drama and Bombay Thekka. The menu will serenade you with the range of options it has to offer.

May we suggest their fattoush {INR 225}, batata harra {INR 210}, hummus with pita bread {they have an option of raosted or plain pita},spinach triangles with tahini dip {INR 180} , chicken Lebanese kebab with garlic sauce, chicken daawat {INR 310} and more. The portions are satisfyingly big and should satiate two people {depends on your capacity, honestly}.

So, We're Saying...

If the festive season is getting way too sweet for you, order in a plate of kebabs to balance things out.