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Now In Mumbai: This Unique Sport Lets You Play Ball While Jumping On A Trampoline

    What Is It?

    For all the people who have been looking for inspiration to start working out, Mumbai is all set to get a uniquely acrobatic and energetic team game, Bossaball, which is a brainchild of Filip Eyckmans. The sport blends the elements of volleyball, soccer and gymnastics on the upbeat tunes of Bossa Nova music.

    Tell Me More

    Bossaball is setting foot in India on March 16 at Razzberry Rhinoceros where the founder of the game along with the Spain and Netherlands team {there will be a face-off match} will launch the event. It’s an open event and is also open to the public as an exclusive one-day trial experience. The good news is that Bossaball International is setting up a number of courts across Mumbai very soon, where you will be able to go, learn and practice this amazing sport.

    The sport was founded in 2005 in Spain and is an effective full body workout. The name comes from the word ‘Bossa’ which means style, flair or attitude in Portuguese. It is also commonly associated with Bossa Nova – a samba-influenced type of Brazilian music. Hence, the name fits perfectly to describe this unique amalgamation of music and sports.

    How Is It Played?

    As per the rules and guidelines, the sport is played between two teams on a specially designed inflatable platform integrated with trampolines in the centre which takes less than 45 minutes to set up, and upbeat Bossa Nova tunes that set the rhythm of the game.

    Bossaball is overseen by a “samba referee” who concurrently takes on the roles of Master of Ceremony and the DJ. Four players are positioned on each side of the net, while the attacker is gaining height on the trampoline, the other three players set up the rally with a maximum of five passes allowed. The trampoline jumpers’ goal is to ground the ball on the opposite side by spiking the ball with either his hand or foot, while the latter is awarded extra points.

    So, We're Saying...

    Bossaball is a super fun sport not just for the players, but for all the spectators who enjoy it from the moment it begins. The change in gravity makes it an all-round and rigorous workout option and we can’t wait to try it out!