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Longing For Goa? Juhu Is Now Home To An Authentic Portuguese Eatery


    Chef Gracian de Souza has finally gone back to his Goan roots and opened his first solo project, Porto & Poie, on Juhu Tara Road. The 100 seater restaurant has more than 55 dishes on its menu, which are an ode to the chef’s mother’s unmatched recipes.

    Chow Down

    From hearty Goan fare like Sorpotel, Recheado and Cafreal to Portuguese delicacies like Feijoada – which is a classic pork and bean stew, Cabidela – which is a stew of chicken and offal and Arroz De Marisco – which is a paella-like seafood dish served family style, the foodies will have plenty of options to choose from. The chillies used in their Peri Peri Chicken are shipped from Goa. Slow Braised Lamb with Chickpeas, Stewed Dates, Mint and Red Amaranth are a few other Portuguese options if you are looking to explore.

    Vegetarians won’t feel left out as the menu has some delicious options for them too. Go for their Khatkhatem – which is a gravy made with seasonal vegetables like pumpkin, jackfruits, plantain, drumsticks etc, Mushroom Xacuti and Jackfruit Stew.

    Sip On

    The drinks menu inspired by Goan and Portuguese culture will definitely win you over. The chef has brought back Portugal’s Ginjinha – a sour cherry Portuguese liqueur which he now makes in-house. The other cocktails on the menu, each has a story associated with them. Like ‘Ode To Fado’, which is made with white rum, cherry brandy, mint leaves, cranberry tea, coconut bitters and cinnamon reminisces the melancholic Fado music that originated in Portugal in the 1800s. You can also try Dom Moraes, Lisbon To Loutolim and a section called Goan Tiki Cocktails, which inspired from the Caribbean style famed tiki cocktails with Goan ingredients and bitters made in-house.

    The Story Of Poie

    The Poie, which is a Goan bread, is delivered fresh every day at the restaurant. What we found interesting was how the bread travels all the way from Goa to Mumbai. So, the famous Poie makes an overnight journey in a bus to arrive fresh in the morning, every day. Believe us, the first bite will tell you how fresh and unique that Poie is.

    So, We're Saying...

    The comfy casual vibe, gorgeous outdoor seating and a cosy balcony that will transport you to a Goan-Portuguese era. Watch the sunset with some wine or admire the printed plates on the wall with cheeky Goan design, Porto & Poie is a must visit!