This New Place In BKC Serves Amazing International Cuisines

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What Makes It Awesome?

Situated in BKC at a new building, Inspire BKC, Uno Más, is a newly opened restaurant serving some really amazing international cuisines.

Beautifully done interiors with a huge rectangular table in the centre for bar and pretty lights all over to light up your mood!

Was searching for a place to have lunch in BKC with my friend, and I'm so glad we ended up here!

We ordered:

1. Para Picar Platter: Platter with lavash, bread and breadsticks served with olives, mushrooms and saucy dips. Presentation of the platter is so good that it'll make you even more hungry!

2. Patatas Bravas: It's basically crispy baby potatoes tossed in salsa brava and topped with garlic aioli. The potatoes were properly cooked and the salsa brava tastes so so delicious. Loved this dish!

3. Carpaccio De Calabacin: It's basically a salad made up of fresh zucchinis cut into thin round pieces and topped with feta, walnuts and parsley. Too healthy!

4. Brochetas De Cottage Cheese: Marinated cottage cheese in a Tunisian hot chilli pepper paste and served with mojo Verde (Canarian green sauce). Paneer was so soft and so delicious.

5. Croquetas de setas: Crumbed and deep fried rolls of mushrooms served with béchamel sauce (white sauce). This one's my fav!

6. Broccoli A La Brasa: Fresh Broccoli tossed in chilli lemon vinaigrette. Too tasty yet too healthy!

7. Ensalada Verde: It's basically a very healthy salad made up of baby spinach, cooked chickpeas, onions, cherry tomatoes, raisins, honey toasted almonds and feta. This salad is a must try if you love greens.

8. Paella Verduras: Spain's famous rice dish cooked in saffron flavoured vegetable broth with veggies. It is served in a huge paella pan and can be directly eaten from the pan. This one's too tasty! Looking for a new Spanish vegetarian dish to try on, this dish is definitely something you shouldn't miss on!

9. Limonada: Lemonade made up of carbonated water and salt. Perfect refreshment for summer.

10. Arroz Con Leche: Creamy rice pudding flavoured with orange zest, cinnamon and vanilla. A perfect dessert to end a perfect meal!

11. Red wine and White wine

This place in BKC is surely a gem!

BKC has now become another Kamala Mills 😍

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids