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Appreciable Spot For Great Modern Crafted Food And Drinks

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What Makes It Awesome?

Craftbar brings in the craftsmanship of the chefs that curate various dishes with the use of modern ingredients and their excellent knowledge of fusion food.

Craftbar is located in Bandra East at a very prime and corporate location which suits perfectly for a Gastropub. Well furnished interiors with a wide spaced seating which sends forth a cheerful vibe getting you relieved and uplifting your mood to enjoy food from their fusion filled menu. The outdoor seating here is very relaxing as well with a small pond and seating arrangements placed under the shades of the tree to enlighten the romantic scenario of their outdoor seating.

Craftbar breaks the usual stereotypes of crafted beers replacing their own concept of crafting and combining food from different cuisine in forms that will surely surprise you and delight your tastebuds. Not just food but also the drinks are crafted with some unusual combination of ingredients blended at the bar beautifully that it will get you relaxed in their cozy ambience.

Beginning with some drinks I ordered The Cure which was a special item in their cocktail menu. It a was a mind-blowing blend of Cold Brew with Scotch and Beer which were finished with a sweet touch of Caramel and Hazelnut to smoothen its taste and flavours. The amalgamation of bitter and sweet taste is really and comforting especially the evident coffee taste that strikes your tastebuds get this drink to be delicious.

Along with this, I had the Grape Effect, Slammer And Song and Sangria Herbe Blanc. The Grape Effect had very mild flavours with a strong taste of Scotch in it while The Slammer And Song were spiced with a strong sharp flavour of ginger which kind of overpowered the drink making it way too fuzzy and spicy.

Sangria Herbe Blanc was much different and very likable with the taste. It was a blend of Apple and Pineapple juices with a dash of Basil and mixed with Vodka and White Wine for it to get the perfect essence of Sangria. Basil enhances the sharpness of this really well giving it a lively refreshing taste.

Along with these drinks I paired some dishes from their food menu which was mainly consisting of Continental Indian fusions in the starters.

Paneer Tikka Tart was the best thing to begin starters. A subtle combination of Paneer Tikkas in a tart shell was executed really well. The crispness of the thin tart shells was perfectly paired with the soft texture of Paneer which gave an appetizing tangy taste of tikka masalas with each bite.

Prawns A'la Olio, Prawns tossed in a traditional Italian sauce. An authentic continental dish in a seafood variation making it just perfect comfort food one could have. The saute of Prawns in Garlic and olive oil taste absolutely delicious. This comfort food is sure to be tried.

Murgh Abadhi Tikka, these were the Regular Chicken Tikka with a basic Tikka flavour. Surely acts as something with can have to enhance the taste of your drink or shots that you do here.

Proceeding to the main courses which were mainly based over the continental delicacies while you also get to have various types of Indian Curries and Indonesian varieties.

Molten Lasagna is one of the best things to be had here to experience a whole new modern version of the Italian dish. Cheese being the main ingredient in this has considerable amounts of cheese stuffed between each layer with the minced chicken sautéed in a tangy sauce. After baking the cheese flows in with every bite you take giving a delicious cheesy taste with the mild tangy flavour making if a great mix of ingredients. Surely worth the try and the dish will get your drooling.

Roast Chicken, a country style Roast Chicken from the English upgraded with the marination of Rosemary sauce mixed with Cognac getting it all appetizing and bitter with the thick gravy. The addition of broccoli and baby potatoes gets this to be a perfect meal. The Chicken is perfectly baked with the tenderness still intact along with the juicy taste of Rosemary marination.

Now no meal can end without a sweet touch to your tastebuds of the Desserts to satisfy and calm your tastebuds after having the hot appetizing flavours. The places happen to be serving the best desserts fusing the Indian Cuisine with Continental sweet dishes.
One such dessert that I had here was English Vinglish which was a combination of Two Brownie with Gajar Halwa a traditional Indian dessert served on various occasions sandwiched in between it these two, the dish twist the rich sweet flavours of minced carrot in a way that you get a complete comforting delightful tastes which are extremely enjoyable. The Rich Sweet Flavourful Tastes of this dessert should be surely tried

Craftbar in all is a wonderful place to explore the various variations in the recent modern food crafting dishes with their own fusions. Best place to catch up with your friends with drinks during their happy hours.

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